Saganaki   $14

Kefalograviera Cheese flambé at table side ~ Opa! 


Shrimp Saganaki  $15

Large shrimp flambé at table side ~ Opa!


Pikilia  $16

A combination plate of keftedakia,  hummus and tzatziki


Octopus  $16

Charbroiled and glazed with our lemonato sauce


Spanakopita  $9 

Spinach & Feta cheese wrapped in fillo


Calamari  $11

Baby calamari tubes lightly breaded and fried


Marithes  $9

Lake smelts lightly breaded and fried


Falafel $8

Middle-Eastern Chickpea croquettes


Keftedakia  $9

Seasoned beef greek style meatballs


Roasted Red Pepper Hummus  $10

Garbanzo puree with roasted red peppers 


Tzatziki  $10

Greek yogurt, cucumbers, garlic and fresh dill


Olive Spread  $10

Back by popular demand! Our homemade kalamata olive puree.

Served with pita


Feta cheese & Kalamata Olives  $8


Dolmades   $9

Stuffed grapeleaves with beef and rice


Vegetarian Dolmades  $7






Chicken Lemon Soup $6


Lentil  $6



Greek Salad   SM  $7    LG $14

Iceberg & Romaine lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, olives & feta with our house dressing


Village Salad (Horiatiki)  SM $8  LG $16

Traditional Greek salad with no lettuce. A mix of tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, peppers, Feta cheese, olive oil & lemon juice blend


Tomato Haloumi Tower  $14

Heirloom tomatoes sliced and stacked with grilled Haloumi cheese from Cyprus, drizzled in balsamic vinaigrette & olive oil




Greek Street Food and Specialties 

Mykonos Gyro Plate  $18

Hand-stacked pork gyro meat, freshly sliced off the rotisserie.

Served with fries & pita


Gyro Plate   $18

Ground beef and lamb gyro meat, freshly sliced off the rotisserie. 

Served with fries & pita


Pork Souvlaki   $18

Skewered, marinated & charbroiled pork tenderloin.

Served with fries & pita


Moussaka  $20

Layers of potato, zucchini, eggplant, our seasoned ground beef blended with cheese, topped with our Bechamel cream sauce


Dolmades  $18

Stuffed grape leaves with ground beef & rice in our lemonato sauce. Served with roasted potatoes


Pastitso $18

Layers of Greek macaroni, seasoned ground beef blended with cheese, topped with our Bechamel cream sauce 


Filet Mignon Souvlaki $25

10 oz beef filet mignon tips. Skewered, marinated & charbroiled.

Served with roasted potatoes and pita 


French Fries $4​ 

Roasted Potatoes  $4

Rice Pilaf  $4

Sauteed Vegetables  $4

Mashed Potatoes  $4






Makaronatha  $16

Traditional Greek-style spaghetti with melted browned butter and grated kefalograviera cheese


Vegetarian Souvlaki   $15

Skewered zucchini, eggplant, onion, red & green pepper. Served with rice pilaf



Vegetarian Dolmades $15

Topped with lemonato sauce and served with roasted potatoes



Lamb Shank   $28

Our famously tender lamb shank, slowly baked with orzo, red & green pepper & onion mix, 3 cheese blend & tomato sauce. 


Lamb Yiouvetsi  $26

Tender chunks of lamb shank slowly baked with orzo, red & green pepper & onion mix, 3 cheese blend & tomato sauce. Served in a clay pot 


Lamb Chops  $29

Charbroiled with olive oil & lemon. Served with mashed potatoes & vegetables. Lightly drizzled with our demi-glaze sauce 


Lamb Souvlaki  $28

10 oz lamb tenderloin. Skewered, marinated, & charbroiled.

Served with roasted potatoes and pita

Lamb Ribs  $30

A full rack of barbecued lamb ribs glazed with our tangy BBQ sauce. Served with roasted potatoes & sauteed vegetables




Chicken Lemonato  $20

Two boneless & skinless fillets with our lemonato sauce & capers. 

Served with mashed potatoes & sauteed vegetables


Chicken Souvlaki  $18

Skewered, marinated & charbroiled chicken.

Served with roasted potatoes & pita




Plaki  $25

Lightly floured Cod topped with homemade tomato sauce & our vegetable mix. Served with rice pilaf 


Shrimp Mykonos $24

Large shrimp casserole baked in a clay pot with our vegetable mix, orzo and 3 cheese blend


Shrimp Souvlaki $22

Grilled shrimp, skewered, marinated & glazed with our lemonato sauce. Served with rice pilaf & pita 


Branzino Lemonato $29

Double branzino fillet, floured & pan-seared in our lemonato sauce and capers. Served with mashed potatoes & sauteed vegetables


Whole Fish $38

Mediterranean Branzino (Sea Bass) pan seared to oven. Drizzled with olive oil and lemon juice. Served with rice & sauteed vegetables



Baklava  $6


Chocolate/Raspberry Baklava  $7


Baklava Cheesecake  $8


Galactoboureko  $8

Homemade custard filled fillo pastry


Kataifi  $7

Shredded fillo, walnuts & cinnamon


Key Lime Dessert  $7

Florida’s favorite!


Rice Pudding  $7


Pondiki  $8

Chocolate cake filled with a creamy mousse covered in a thick chocolate ganache. A Greek favorite!



Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fresh Brewed Ice Tea

Coffee  $3

Greek Coffee  $5

Bottled Water  $2

S. Pellegrino $4


Spaghetti  $7

Chicken Strips  $7

Gyro  $7





TEL 239-325-8502


                         ( BEHIND WALGREENS AT WIGGINS PASS RD. )