Greek Wine Flights

RED  $15

Kouros Nemea Reserve  

100% Argiorgitiko Harvest 

Lion D' OR

100% Cabernet Sauvignon 


King of Hearts 

50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot



Queen of Hearts 

40% Roditis, 40% Assyrtiko, 20% Muscat 

Imyglykos Limnos

Medium Sweet Wine from the island of Limnos


Chardonnay and Assyrtiko

White Wines & Rose 

House White Wine    $8   $28


Blend of Roditis and Zoumiatis, which adds the fruity aromas 


Imiglikos-Limnos-Greek     $8   $28

Excellent medium sweet wine with a pleasant aftertaste from the island of Limnos

Queen of Hearts-Greek    $11   $40


Blend of bright golden color with a gentle nose of white-flesh fruits and distinctive aromas of spring flowers 


Retsina-Malamatina-Greek    $7   $15

The traditional wine of Greece from the finest Savatiano and Roditis grapes


Roditis-Greek    $10   $35

A Pleasant dry Rose wine with enticing aromas of bananas, apples and pears

Chardonnay- Michael David  $12   $42


Sauvignon Blanc-Mohua   $10   $36

New Zealand

Red Wines 

House Red Wine- Greek      $8    $28

100% Argiorgitiko with rich aromas of fresh berries, plums and sweet vanilla


Lion D' OR (Red Lion) 100% Cabernet Greek    $12   $45

Classic Cabernet Sauvignon with aromas of sweet fruit, black pepper & wild cherries


King of Hearts-Greek    $12   $45

50% Cabernet Sauvignon, 50% Merlot

Ruby red color, aromas of red berries with a hint of sweet spices. Well-rounded with soft tannins and pleasant finish.


Portes Skouras     $14   $46

Merlot, rich with lush aromas of plums and spices 

Mavrodaphne- Greek    $7   $25

Sweet port wine with a smooth and mellow finish

Cabernet Sauvignon, Michael David   $12  $45


Pinot Noir, Heritage reserve De Loach   $12  $42

Malbec, La Posta Paulucci, Agentina   $12  $42

Pinot Grigio- Fetzer   $8  $28

Prosecco-Zonin-Italy   $9